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For Girls in Level 1-5 Ballet & Teen Ballet classes- Pink Tights, Black Leotard, Pink Ballet Slippers and hair securely pulled back in a bun (including bangs). Please no skirts!
For Boys – Black Cotton fitted pants, Fitted Plain White Shirt and Black Ballet Shoes.
All Baby Ballet, age 4-5 Ballet/Tap combo & age 6-7 Ballet/Tap combo classes are allowed to wear any color leotard, skirts and pink tights.
**Please no pink gymnastic slippers, they are very slippery on our floors**


Anything that doesn’t hide your body (i.e. bootie shorts, tanks, crop tops etc…). Baggy oversized clothing is only acceptable in hip hop classes.  All other classes, baggy clothes are not acceptable. Jeans or other items that do not stretch and breathe should not be worn. Hair should be pulled back in bun or pony tail. Multiple and/or large accessories are not permitted. Every dance class requires dance shoes-For Girls: black Tap shoes, tan Jazz shoes, pink Ballet shoes. For Boys: all black Ballet, Tap & Jazz shoes. Hip Hop shoes can be any sneaker with smooth bottoms. Sneakers and all other dance shoes must be carried in and changed inside studio to limit rocks and dirt on dance floors.