Competition Company

The ADC Competition Company is a great way to do extra dance activities & performances. Our competition team competes and travels to dance conventions and master classes.

Please call our office at 208-514-5515 for more information regarding our competition company requirements.

Company Auditions 2022: Saturday April 30th

Here are some guidelines for company members:

  • It is mandatory for company members to take Ballet TWICE a week & take Turns/Leaps class.
  • There is an extra monthly fee for company members in addition to regular class tuition.  Price varies for every group depending on how many hours they rehearse.
  • Company members compete locally & travel to dance conventions.
  • Being on company is a HUGE commitment. Dancers must make dance their number 1 priority over other activities. Company may not be a good fit if dancers are committed to other activities.
  • Company Camp. This camp is for Company dancers only.  Dancers will be learning dances for the upcoming season and will also be taking a variety of classes such as acting, yoga for dancers, zumba, pilates, fun team bonding & much more. More information on this camp will be emailed after auditions.

Company Sparks

Company Ignite

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Company Fusion

Company Ignite